Company Profile

KUANTENG AUTO MOBILE CO.,LTD was established in 2006, founding a professional automotive electronic energy-saving technology products in R & D and production company, internal R & D team is composed from Taiwan / America 's top vehicle experts in the field of cooperation, the company successfully developed a numbers of cutting-edge products.

1.The vehicles throttle pedal save fuel monitoring device.

2.To prevent vehicles unintended acceleration devices.

3.Bank armored car GSM(Sim card) / GPS remote monitoring anti-snatch device.

Due to huge demand of the household commodity markets , the company was found a new R & D department of the household commodity in 2008, mainly R & D / manufacturing / sales, the company successfully developed a numbers of products and has a multi-national invention patent, a company specializing in the marketing efforts of the team, product marketing channels throughout the world's major TV shopping channels, B2c online shopping, large department stores and other ... through distributors around the world by the Ministry of overseas marketing, distributors of the products marketed around the world.

The advantages of the company

KUANTENG AUTO MOBILE CO.,LTD was a professional design and new product development company. Because the KUANTENG AUTO MOBILE CO.,LTD hold the much buyers of sales channels, so whenever Taiwan’s inventors whose invention of new products , the inventor will also take the initiative to find KUANTENG AUTO MOBILE CO.,LTD for sales cooperation, thus the new products will continues appear in KUANTENG AUTO MOBILE CO.,LTD , the above are advantages of other companies can not follow.




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